Monday 28 April 2014

Work appropriate mani Monday: Line it up

Full disclosure: this mani is the first step of another mani which I'll post tomorrow. But once I did this step alone I thought it could work on it's own as a work-appropriate look. As you may have noticed by now, my definition of 'work appropriate' has been getting looser and looser.... so let's just say it's appropriate after you got the job once people begin to care less what you look like and more about the quality of your work. The latter should always be the case, but hey, can't stop the world from judging.

I did this mani just over a month ago, so if you're ready to interrogate me for my seemingly shorter nails then no need. They were trying so hard, give me a break! 

Polishes used:
This is a bit more complicated than my usual direct list because I hand-mixed a colour to come up with this dirty off-white/purple-tinged white hue. You'll see why I needed to be so specific tomorrow, but for now, all you need to know is that I wanted to colour match something and I didn't own anything close to the colour I needed. So, I mixed about 8 drops of Essie's Chinchilly into a mini bottle of Quo by Orly pure white polish. This makes the ratio of Purple-grey : White greater because it's a mini polish bottle. Just pretend that the white polish on the left side of the equation is the Quo white - I didn't take a pic of it's pre-mixing state, but I assure you, it was plain 'ol white.

- Essie 'Chinchilly' (purple-grey)
- Quo by Orly 'White' (white, now dirty purple-tinged white)
- Revlon 'Urban' (indigo purple)

Here's a crappy photo but the flash offers a more true-to-colour look at the final polish mix:


  1. Simple yet classy and perfect for a work day!

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