Tuesday 15 April 2014

Still on a magnetic kick

You may recall that last month I did a post on some long lost Essie 'Repstyle' magnetic polishes I had in a dusty shelf on my polish rack (see this post for pics and a short history of magnetic polishes more generally).

I found myself still mesmerized with the three-dimensional effect that magnetic polish gives off (especially Essie polishes) and so this time I went for a skittle colour-block look.

The red polish went on first as the base (2 coats then magnetized as per Essie's instructions - see Sugar and Chiffon's blog for a great step-by-step), let fully dry, tape off sections, blue polish 2 coats, magnetized, top coat.

I still only own the red and blue Essie magnetic polishes but.... if there's ever a new magnetic line launched by Essie I would probably have to buy the whole collection because... I don't need a reason.

Most of these photos were taken under natural day lighting (no direct sun) and under camera flash as I find using flash brings out the depth effect of the polish.

Polishes used (well this is a surprise):
- Essie repstyle 'Snake it up' (dark blue magnetic polish)
- Essie repstyle 'Ssssexy' (red magnetic polish)

Note: These polishes photograph really weird and they have swirls of what looks like silver metallic pigments in the bottle. On the nail these dissapear completely - I do believe that's caused by the magnetic action (says my science knowledge acquired in Grade 10).

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