Friday 23 May 2014

Broken glass flakies

Last month I posted an 'emerald green runway' mani that consisted of mattified green polish, negative space and green flakies galore. There's been so many flakies-over-dark-colour manis floating around mani-land lately, and I just love it. Notably, this includes Kristin from Lacquerstyle's flakies over a deep burgundy,  @chorubim's flakies over a royal blue, and Amy from McPolish's flakies over an emerald green (which coincidentally I had also unknowingly conjured up in my nail art lair). I decided that they should all have a baby and this is what was born:
That's a fine looking baby. 

Reminds me of broken multi-colour glass. Like someone took a brick and threw it through some old lady's nice stained glass window and then it shattered everywhere like the most colourful and sparkling rainfall ever. Minus the anticipated stabbing of the shards of glass, that is one sexy rainfall.

Let me explain. This post is super pic heavy, like, more pic heavy than all the other times I said a post was pic heavy. If there was ever a post that was actually pic heavy, THIS IS IT. 'Cause flakies. I don't need to explain.

Okay but seriously. What the hell did I do here? Well I wanted to preserve the awesomeness of negative space, so there's nothing but basecoat and topcoat on the naked parts of the nail. I used striping tape to mask off random lines across my nail, then randomly selected a dark green, burgundy, or blue polish to fill them in with. I let dry and then topped each with a corresponding matching flakie polish (now you know I own at least 3 distinctly different flakie polishes... but little do you know I own MORE than THAT). I ended up applying 2 to 3 coats of well targeted flakies to maximize the depth and their awesome hologram-like properties.

Woooo flakies doing it.

Both hands 'cause how could I not rock this at the office for days? Seriously, I wore this for 3 days (last month, actually. I'm really delayed in my posting. If you're keen and spend too much time obsessing over all things nail like me then you will have noticed this mani in my updated blog header a few weeks ago, he he).

STOP SCROLLING HERE! You'll want to see this.

Now for the fun part. Mattification (not formerly a word, but it is as of right now).

Here's the glossy version, again:

And the baby's matte fraternal twin (yes, my polish clusterf**k had twins after all that baby-making):

Oooooh. Aaaaaahhh.
You may breathe now. I continue with some more matte shots.

....drool.... Flakie porn.

Polishes used:
- Revlon matte top coat (second half of photos, obv)
- A England 'Saint George' (dark green holo)
- A England 'Briarwood' (dark burgundy red/brown holo, my most favourite AE polish EVER)
- Essie 'Midnight cami' (dark blue with shimmer - if I owned a dark blue AE, I would have used it, but I don't, wahhh)
- Essie Luxe effects 'Shine of the times' (multi-colour flakies but red/pink leaning)
- Nails Inc. Special effects 'The wyndham' (green flakies)
- Nails Inc. Special effects 'The old vic' (blue flakies)

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