Tuesday 20 May 2014

Textured chevrons

I wanted to showcase the perfect clean lines that using chevron nail vinyls yield with this simple mani (you can find out more info and examples from @teismom, nail vinyl's Instagram account). Trust me, it was difficult to keep gradients out of the picture (I am a gradient fiend) or avoid switching the colours on different nails, opposite colours, dots, glitters... how can I possibly resist?! But I did. Just because these nail vinyls are so special and I really wanted to let the simple chevron design speak for itself.

Nothing too crazy here kids. Just a grey creme base followed by two alternating textured polishes in a light pink and a navy blue, both with tiny glitters. I thought this was also a good opportunity to showcase three of Sephora's new(ish) line of polishes, Formula X. There is no topcoat on this mani as I was to preserve the differences of texture between the creme and the two effects toppers.

Polishes used:
- Sephora Formula X 'Galaxy' (navy blue textured micro-glitter)
- Sephora Formula X 'Centre of my universe' (light pink textured micro-glitter)
- Sephora Formula X 'Extraordinary' (light grey creme)

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