Tuesday 13 May 2014

Holo quatrefoil - the first attempt

A couple of months ago the talented Christabell Nails invented a crazy-awesome nail art pattern using a dotting technique which she dubbed 'quatrefoil nails'. Based on what appears to be a vintage-looking wallpaper 'quatrefoil' design, this nail art is created using only two polish colours, a dotting tool, and a tiny paintbrush (or toothpick). Easy, right?

Not so easy. I didn't really pay attention to the technique or the execution, and I only watched maybe 20 seconds of Christabell Nails' original quatrefoil tutorial. Shame on me! That's why I failed, 'cause I didn't listen. Moral of the story: Listen to your parents, stay in school. Or just pay attention to the whole mani tutorial.

At first glance this mani may not look so shabby, but don't let your brain fool you! The 4-point dots are all lop-sided and the little stems coming out of the sides are all over the place, and some completely missing (*ahem* I was getting impatient). And I don't even want to start on what the hell is going on with my pointer and pinky nails.

Even though I don't think this is a mani 'success', I'm showing you all angles so we can appreciate the beauty of all nail art, awesome or shitty! Wait no, that's just ridiculous. I'm actually documenting this mani so I can measure progress to the next attempt. Performance management is all the rave folks. Set your baseline and measure realistic results over time! Ugh, working for the government has ruined my ability to talk like a normal person.

And just for good measure:

'Cause I still try and have a sense of humour.
Polishes used (well this will be easy):
- A England 'Sleeping palace' (deep grey-purple holo)
- A England 'Her rose adagio' (pale pink holo)

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