Wednesday 21 May 2014

Random pixie dust... I have no idea what I was trying to achieve.

I have no idea what I was going for here, but one thing I did know when I set out to do this mani was that I wanted to use a sheer black jelly I made at home in my nail polish lair/cat den/taking-over-the-world laboratory. Everything else that came after that jelly base was pure luck/chaos/consequence. It kind of looks like Lady Gaga threw up on my nails, which in her eyes would mean sickkkkk.

If you asked me to recount what the hell I did here I may turtle myself back into my shell and think you're just trying to embarass me. But, what the hell. I ain't got time for shame!

1) Paint a black jelly base.
2) Freehand or use nail vinyls to add a black tip. I made mine super rounded, so if you use french tip vinyls you would extend the corners inwards. Add a matte top coat.
3) Make sure the base jelly and the black tip is dry after the matte top coat. Add one skinny strip of striping tape down the middle, and one horizontally across the nail to act as a guide for the next step.
4) Fill in the bottom corners of the nail with a different pixie dust colour in each section.
5) Remove striping tape. No topcoat. Tada! Your nails look random and nonsensical like mine!

Polishes used:
- Homemade translucent polish (clear top coat + 8 drops of black polish)
- Cult Nails 'Nevermore'
- Zoya Pixie Dust 'Carter' (purple textured glitter)
- Zoya Pixie Dust 'Godiva' (light beige textured glitter)
- Revlon matte top coat


  1. This design definitely is an unique one, I don't know why you don't like it, I don't think that it is so horrible. Don't be so severe with yourself!

  2. Aw thanks Andrea! That's so kind of you, always such nice comments :) I guess it's not that bad, sometimes it's fun to go in with no plan!

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