Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Random black swirls over rose-toned gradient

Further to yesterday's simple work appropriate rose-toned gradient post, I've added some random swirly details over top, because who on earth leaves a gradient ALONE?!

This was done freehand with a makeshift detail brush that I wish I could have trimmed down smaller without ruining it (twice now) and black acrylic paint. Some of the craft store brushes I picked up turned out to be garbage and fray really easily, which translates to wider and uneven strokes of paint. Wahh. Seche vite topcoat over errrthing.

Kind of looks like my nails are infused with a bit of witchcraft, but that's cool with me.

Polishes used:
- A England 'Her rose adagio' (light pink holo)
- A England 'Briar rose' (medium pink holo)
- A England 'Briarwood' (burgundy-red holo)
- Black acrylic paint

See photos from yesterday's post for bottle shots (acrylic paint not pictured). 


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