Monday 19 May 2014

Work appropriate mani Monday: Neutral glitter gradient

I'm sensing a theme... Last month I posted a rose-gold glitter gradient for work appropriate mani Monday and today I've got... basically the same thing.

It's pretty straight forward: A cool-toned beige to greyish-purple creme gradient layered with a champagne gold and lilac micro glitter polish at the tips. I think what's key to note about this glitter gradient is that the polish base is also a gradient, which isn't typically the norm in glitter gradient mani's (see, for example, Nemo's nails or Lucy's stash).

Earrings: Swarovski Lunar earrings in Rose Blush
Many nail art/nail polish bloggers use rings as props. I don't own many rings but I do have an obsession with sparkly earrings. An earRING hanging on my fingers makes so much sense, right?

In this shot you can more clearly see the base gradient which gives a cool 'deeper' effect to the glitter gradient. I think the trick is to make the gradient go from light at the base of the nail to dark at the tips and then apply the glitter sparingly on the tips so that it does not completely cover the darkest colour in your base gradient. I always use a make-up sponge to create my glitter gradients instead of globbing on the polish with the in-bottle brush. I find this helps with two things: a) it prevents sticking and globbing of the glitters, and b) absorbs a lot of the clear jelly in the polish and leaves you with the glitters and thus a more even and saturated application of the glitters.

Polishes used:
- Essie 'Chinchilly' (grey-pruple creme)
- Essie 'Sand tropez' (cool light beige)
- Sally Hansen Gem Crush 'Big money' (champagne and lilac glitters and micro-glitters) The quality of this glitter is actually pretty damn good. I only bought this one because I thought the colouring was so unique but there is a whole collection out there and I just may pick up some more! Scrangie has swatches of all 8 in the Gem Crush line.

I forgot to take polish line-up pics, woops! 


  1. The glitter adds a touch of glam, but this one is a very classy and work appropriate design!

    1. Thanks for your kind comment Andrea, I'm glad you like it! Knowing me I'd wear neon pink to work either way unless I knew I had an interview or some serious meeting to go to :p But this one I happily wore around the office for at least 3 days :D

  2. I need to see a video tutorial on these exact same colors!! This is BEAUTIFUL!!!