Monday, 26 May 2014

Work appropriate mani Monday: Rose-toned subtle holo gradient

Back to the standard nail gradient today, with a three-polish simple and work appropriate gradient featuring all A England polishes which I personally LOVE. The subtle holo in the formula is just perfection, and they blend together so beautifully.

This involved applying one coat of the lightest colour over the full nail first, then a gradient of all three colours was sponged on with a make-up sponge (2 coats). All these photos were taken under natural indirect light (cloudy, and from inside my window).

Polishes used:
- A England 'Her rose adagio' (light pink holo)
- A England 'Briar rose' (medium pink holo)
- A England 'Briarwood' (burgundy-red holo - my personal favourite!)


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