Saturday, 24 May 2014

Chevron and dotted camo

Here's a random nothing special somewhat-skittlette that I created to try out some earth-toned polishes, two of which I recently acquired during a polish haul at Winners of all places. Great discounts = more polish to buy!

I used single chevron nail vinyls for the pointer and ring fingers, and a basic dotting tool in a couple different sizes for all the other fingers. There's a slight gradient on the two chevron fingers, leading to a metallic green polish towards the tips. The gradient was supposed to start with a chocolate brown at the base of the nail but for whatever reason Zoya's 'Louise' was being a priss and didn't want to layer that well. So she's mostly meddled in with the camo green at the base.

That's all folks!

Polishes used:
- Cirque 'Lichen' (metallic green)
- OPI 'Uh-oh roll down the window' (army green)
- Butter London 'Bumster' (light mustard yellow creme - my first BL polish and I have to say, it does indeed go on like butter!)
- Zoya 'Louise' (rich chocolate brown creme)


  1. My friend loves to have newer shades of nail polish and she's totally mad about getting them. I am going to recommend her about your blog and get you a new follower. Thanks me later.

  2. What an attractive nail pattern it is! I am impressed usually green color doesn't look good but this added color has mad it beautiful.


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