Tuesday 6 May 2014

Greyscale chevron returning reciprocal gradient

You're probably seeing the title of this post and thinking um what are you trying to say, girl? You have inhaled too much nail polish. So yesterday I posted a grey to white twist on the traditional gradient mani. My (rather convoluted) explanation included how a 5-point gradient whose colour point on one end of the nail returns by the other end (this is different than a traditional gradient, where the mani has a different colour at each end of the gradient).  I explain how I did this to the best of my ability below!

UPDATE (June 12, 2014): Video tutorial below!

Essentially I used the greyscale returning gradient you saw in yesterday's post (i.e., 5 point gradient where there is grey in the middle and white is on both ends) as a base. Next, I applied chevron (i.e., zig zag) nail vinyls that you can purchase online here over my dried base. These nail vinyls are especially awesome for gradients because they stick well to the nail and don't peel up if you've properly pressed then into the contours of your side nail/cuticles.

Then I took a new make-up sponge and painted the exact opposite of the 5-point gradient used for the base. That is, if white = 1, light grey = 2 and medium grey = 3, then my base consisted of a gradient in this order: 1, 2, 3, 2, 1. My second overlaying reciprocal gradient involved the exact opposite: 3, 2, 1, 2, 3. So, on the make-up sponge white was in the middle and grey was on both ends.

My convoluted post name makes perfect sense now, right? Greyscale (used only grey/white, duh) chevron (zig zag pattern) returning (each end of each gradient returns to the same colour) reciprocal (two overlapping gradients that are the exact opposite) gradient (gradual transition of colour).... phew!

No, I do not have a tutorial for yesterday's post nor this one, but give me some time and with some patience and an anticipated new set up I hope to have the appropriate equipment soon!


Polishes used: 
- Essie 'Power clutch' (medium grey)
- Sephora Formula X 'Extraordinary' (light grey creme)
- Orly 'Pointe blanche' (opaque white in 2 coats)

See yesterday's post for shots of the polishes used here. 


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